Vanilla night & day is a Polish sleepwear brand founded in 2006 by Katarzyna Pastwa, an information technology graduate and Businesswoman of 2015 finalist. Enchanted with the strength of femininity, her mission was to create special nightwear for women who desire a unique and elegant look, not only by day, but also by night. For 10 years it has reigned supreme in bedrooms from Paris, Rome, Shanghai and Dubai to Warsaw.  Vanilla night & day use only the finest Polish, Italian and French fabrics and place a heavy emphasis on the use of premium quality natural fibres such as Viscose, Modal, Cotton & Lace. Each of Vanilla night & day’s pieces is handcrafted in a renovated historic factory in Lodz, Poland. The Vanilla night & day ranges are designed to fill a gap in the sleepwear market and have all customer’s needs covered, catering to a broad demographic of women with sensual nightdresses, practical and stylish two piece looks and easy-to-wear night to day loungewear looks in an all inclusive size range of XS-XXXL. Vanilla night & day was created for women who want to feel very special. Each piece is a small work of art crafted with a balance of the finest viscose, cotton and beautiful lace and an unparalleled attention to detail. Vanilla night & day makes evenings magical, mornings more energetic and lounging at home more luxurious.  


Vanilla: Vanilla night & day has an excellent balance of permanent lines and strong seasonal trend driven collections with an extended lifespan, all at affordable price points. Permanent Lines: ICONS – An expansive line-up of permanent nightwear covering the staples that every woman desires and needs. Loungewear: A permanent collection of laidback loungewear for night-day casual wear in sumptuous fabrics for supreme comfort. Seasonal Lines: Vanilla night & day produces extended life seasonal fashion collections with longer availability than the industry standard to allow for more frequent replenishment of popular styles and additional buying opportunities to support increased and new customer demands.  

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