Naturana has a proud history, it was Founded in Germany in 1917 and has remained family owned for more than a century. Today, they are one of the largest manufacturers of lingerie and swimwear in Europe, known for their unparalleled dedication to producing designs with superior quality, comfort and, support. The company timeline reads like a highlight reel for the modern technology and new developments in lingerie trends that have become commonplace today. Naturana is and always has been an industry influencer with the values of simplicity & functionality perfectly balanced at its core. "NATURANA has always stood for FUNCTIONAL everyday quality. Well-designed, TRUSTED products with a great fit emphasis and support for the NATURAL beauty of all women. We believe that CLASSICS are timeless and therefore always MODERN."  


Naturana boasts a large brand portfolio, Concept Brands is proud to be working with Naturana to introduce its portfolio to Australia starting with the Naturana Basics.  

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