Miraclesuit AND Naomi & Nicole shapewear has three levels of control (light, medium, firm), which allows the right amount of control for any customer at any time. The use of flat seams, flat elastics and clean stitching appeals to the contemporary consumer who wears today’s fashions. Unique & innovative processes such as Wonderful Edge®, Wonderful Panel®, No Slip® and Back Magic® provide superior sleek functionality and it is ground-breaking technology like this as well as a firm commitment to quality that has made Naomi & Nicole a global leader in the shapewear market. This is shapewear that stays in place for active women at work and play. Naomi & Nicole’s sister brand MiracleSuit has also established a global reputation for giving women confidence no matter what the occasion with their extra firm control and undeniable shaping. Miraclesuit’s extra firm shapewear is designed to deliver on its name and slogan “Look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds.” The brand recognition is based upon a consistent control level, which provides extra firm, comfortable control better than any competitive brand. Function and shape transformation remain the key components in every Miraclesuit style. By borrowing cutting-edge functions such as Wonderful Edge®, Wonderful Panel®, No Slip® and Back Magic® from Naomi & Nicole, Miraclesuit provide feature benefits and an updated focus to the extra firm category that gives them a competitive edge.  


Permanent Collections: Naomi & Nicole and MiracleSuit have permanent collections based on the best performing styles with new and updated styles added regularly.  

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