The Best Shapewear – MiracleSuit and Naomi & Nicole

The Best Shapewear – MiracleSuit and Naomi & Nicole

Over the last 12-months we’ve been delighted with the response to our leading shapewear brands MiracleSuit and Naomi & Nicole and today we wanted to share some of the most popular styles with you.

Most of these styles are never out of stock and are readily available from our warehouse in Sydney for quick delivery so you can keep your customers satisfied.

What Sets Them Apart:
The use of flat seams, flat elastics and clean stitching appeals to the contemporary consumer who wears today’s fashions. Unique & innovative processes such as Wonderful Edge®, Wonderful Panel®, No Slip® and Back Magic® provide superior sleek functionality and it is ground-breaking technology like this as well as a firm commitment to quality that has made Naomi & Nicole and MiracleSuit global leaders in the shapewear market.

Meet The Must Haves!

Naomi and Nicole Plus Size, ShapewearNaomi & Nicole Plus Size Shapewear

Naomi & Nicole PLUS SIZE:

LEFT: Style No 7775 High Waist Brief available in Black & Nude in Sizes 1X-5X – RRP$59.95
RIGHT: Style No 7779 High Waist Long Leg Brief for extra thigh shaping. Available in Black & Nude in Sizes 1X-5X – RRP$69.95

MiracleSuit ShapewearConcept Brands, Australia

MiracleSuit Waistline Briefs

LEFT: Miraclesuit® Waistline Brief
Style 2905 RRP$59.95 (S-2XL)

  • Extra Firm Tummy Control
  • Wonderful Edge®on backs of  leg openings
  • Available in Black & Nude
  • Flat seams for invisibility under clothing

RIGHT: Miraclesuit® Comfort Leg Waistline Brief 
Style 2804 RRP$59.95 (S-2XL)

  • Extra Firm tummy control
  • One-ply and two plies of soft fabric will look smooth under clothes
  • “Comfort leg” feature around leg openings will move in any direction

MiracleSuit Shapewear

Miraclesuit® Sexy Sheer Shaping Rear Lifting Boy Short

Style 2776 RRP$69.95 (S-XL)

Extra firm control

Double, sexy, sheer paneling paneling

Wonderful Edge® on legs

Lifts and defines derriere

Transforms tummy, backside, and upper thighs.

MiracleSuit Shapewear AustraliaMiracleSuit, Shapewear, Australia

MiracleSuit High Waist Briefs

Far Right: Miraclesuit® Shape with an Edge Hi-Waist Brief
Style 2705 RRP$69.95 (S-3XL)

  • Extra firm control
  • Wonderful Edge® on legs
  • Two and three plies of Tactel® fabric to deliver the maximum comfort-to-control ratio.
  • Extra Tummy Control
  • *New Colour Stucco!*

Miraclesuit ® Sexy Sheer Shaping Hi-Waist Brief

Style 2785 RRP$$69.95 (S-2XL)

  • Double Panels provide extra firm control
  • Sexy sheer paneling adjusts to the body
  • Wonderful Edge®on legs
  • Prevents muffin tops, slims tummy, and hips

MiracleSuit, Concept Brands, Australia

MiracleSuit High Waist Long Leg Briefs

Miraclesuit® Shape with an Edge Hi-Waist Long Leg

Style 2709 RRP$79.95 (S-3XL)

  • Extra firm control
  • Two and three plies of Tactel® fabric to deliver the maximum comfort-to-control ratio.
  • No lines from your midriff to your knees.
  • Wonderful Edge® on legs
  • Extra tummy control and thigh slimming

Concept Brands, Shapewear Distributor Australia

Miraclesuit ® Sexy Sheer Shaping Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer
Style 2789 RRP$79.95 (S-2XL)

  • Extra firm control
  • Sexy, sheer paneling provide cool comfort
  • Wonderful Edge®on legs
  • Prevents muffin tops
  • Shape the midriff, and slim your tummy, hips, & thighs.

MiracleSuit, Shapewear, Concept Brands

Miraclesuit® Sexy Sheer Shaping Bodybriefer

Style 2783 RRP99.95 (34B-38B)

  • Extra firm control
  • Wonderful Edge®on legs
  • Sexy, sheer panels provide cool comfort
  • Smooth look under clothes
  • Support the bust, shape the midriff, and slim the tummy & hips.

Miraclesuit® Sexy Sheer Shaping Hi-Waist Slip

Style 2784 RRP&89.95 (S-2XL)  

  • Extra firm control
  • ®Wonderful Edge hem
  • Sheer paneling allows the garment to adjust to your body and create a perfect fit.
  • No lines, no ride
  • Stays in place
  • Built-in panty
  • Smooth look under your clothes.
  • Choose it to flatten your tummy and shape your hips.

MiracleSuit Shapewear


Miraclesuit® Inches Off  Waist Cincher

Style 2615 RRP$69.95 (S-2XL)

  • Removes inches from your waist
  • Extra firm control
  • Inner-double-panel construction and includes side-release panels.
  • Smooth under clothing
  • Seamless outer panel
  • Provides back support and improves posture